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Bella Botanicals Soothing Organic Hemp Salve

Bella Botanicals Soothing Organic Hemp Salve

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A potent Hemp Salve that works within minutes to ease discomfort. Our soothing organic hemp salve contains 1,000 mg of full spectrum hemp extract to target your discomfort from the outside in.  Organic menthol acts as a topical numbing agent, which works wonderfully in conjunction with Hemp Extract. Our blend of organic butters, oils, and waxes all work to nourish the skin, further adding to the overall benefits of this product.  The scent of this product come from our essential oil blend of camphor and clove which is woody and herbaceous. 

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How to Use: With either the wooden spoon included, or you clean hands scoop out a small pea sized amount of product and rub over affected area. 

Bella Notes: At night rub this product on the bottoms of your feet and calves for a good night's sleep. Rub on your temples and the back of your neck for migraine headaches. This product is also proven to be effective on sunburns. 





Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Mango Butter*, Olive Oil*, Beeswax*, Lecithin (Soy)*, Carnauba Wax*, Menthol Crystals*, Cocoa Butter*, Vitamin E*, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Candelilla Wax*, and a Camphor* and Clove* Essential Oil Blend

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